White Birch: The Best Teeth Whitening Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

If you’ve known me for 5 minutes, you know I’m obsessed with having the whitest smile possible. I am always looking for a great way to whiten my teeth and keep them white safely without causing sensitivity. I have tried charcoal toothpastes in the past but two big things turned me off: the black toothpaste splatters everywhere and makes a mess all over the sink AND I’m worried about it being abrasive and bad for my enamel.

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I was so excited when my dentist recommended White Birch and gifted me a sample because it directly addressed these two main problems. Its key ingredient is activated WHITE charcoal, not black. White Birch is made from a patent pending formula of activated white charcoal, extracted from Japanese white birch trees. White Birch was created by a family of dentists with over 50 years of experience and clinically tested to be safe and effective. It has been tested to have low abrasiveness making it enamel safe and okay to use every day. It can whiten 2 shades in just 14 days and 4 shades in 28 days (YASSS!).


When I first started brushing my teeth with White Birch they felt clean immediately. It has a cream like consistency with a quick foaming action that lets it penetrate all the hard to reach all areas of your mouth, leaving me with fresh breath! It is made with Jojoba oil which prevents stain from coming back and leaves your teeth with a smooth, clean feel.

I was happy to see White Birch is made from natural ingredients and cruelty-free. 

·         No Artificial Dyes

·         Free of SLS/Sulfates

·         No Artificial Sweeteners/Flavors

·         No Microbeads

·         No Triclosan

·         No Gluten

I highly recommend White Birch Activated Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste, especially if you have sensitive teeth. This product does what it says, doesn't make a mess, is safe to use, and best of all WHITENS your teeth!

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