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Top 5: Funniest Instagram Meme Accounts

If you find yourself DM'ing or mentioning friends with "OMG that's so us", you probably found that meme on one of the accounts below.  HAPPY SCROLLING (and laughing)!

1.  @girlwithnojob

I'm having so much fun! Look at how much fun I'm having! Doesn't it look fun?? IT'S SO MUCH FUN! (@thenewsclan)

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Top 5: Instagram Accounts Dedicated to Queen Beyoncé


I LOVE BEYONCÉ!  Anyone who has ever taken one of my classes knows, she's a staple in all of my playlists.  When I'm not singing her songs at the top of my lungs in my apartment, I can be found commuting to classes on the subway perusing pics and vids of Mrs. Carter on Instagram.  Using the hashtag #beyhive, I've found the top 5 accounts dedicated to the Queen.  Happy scrolling...


1.  1.beyonce

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2.  beylite

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4.  yoncetv

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