Here's your guide to the BEST HOLIDAY GIFTS for your FIT friends & FAB fitness instructors!


1.  UBER Gift Card - FitFreaks are always rushing to their classes and FitPros rely on public transportation to get from class to class.  Spoil them this season with a couple rides from UBER! 

2.  CLASSPASS - The "classiest" gift of the year, will keep your friends happy & healthy!  Set a workout date and have them join you in your favorite classes in 9 different cities!  $19, $99, & $297 options available!

3.  BLISS 'EXTREME SPORTS MASSAGE' - Every fitness enthusiast needs to luxuriate from time to time.  This relaxing deep-tissue massage will pin-point those sore muscles.  60 min, $155

4.  DRYBAR Gift Card - Blowouts do wonders to that sweaty hair!  If your fit & fab friend is heading to an event or hot date after a workout, they will love you for this $40 blow! 

5.  MALIN + GOETZ Votive Set - Everyone could use this festive gift that will warm up the room with signature scents from one of my favorite skincare brands. $40

6.  BASIC TOUCHSCREEN GLOVE - Warm knit gloves with touchscreen technology will give fitness freaks the convenience of booking their classes on the go & instructors the ability to make last minute edits to playlists without their hands freezing to death!  $15

7.  KIEHL'S Ultimate Strength Hand Salve Trio - This heavy duty moisturizing lotion will keep those dry and active hands protected and super soft this season!  $30

8.  BEATS by Dre Rose Gold Pill Wireless Speaker - Blast your favorite playlist this holiday season at those festive fiestas!  This small portable speaker is also great for instructors on the go for those workouts in the park!  $195