MY WEERRKKOUT SCHEDULE (Weeks of 2/10/14 & 2/17/14)

#TranFans have been showing up and dominating some tough classes.  Lots of energy, sweat, and fun everywhere we go!  Check out my personal workout schedule and come take class with me!

Monday, 2/10
10:30AM:  Reebok Yoga w/Hwalan
5:30PM:  The Fhitting Room w/Eric & Amanda

Wednesday, 2/12
2:00PM:  Barry's Bootcamp w/Patrick

Thursday, 2/13
12:00PM:  Brooklyn Body Burn w/Tracy

Friday, 2/14
8:00AM:  Soul Cycle w/String

Monday, 2/17
11:00AM:  Bikram Yoga UES w/Olivia
7:45PM:  Equinox 30/60/90 w/Anthony C.

Wednesday, 2/19
8:30AM:  The Fhitting Room w/Will & Julia
9:00PM:  Barry's Bootcamp w/Joe Buffa

Thursday, 2/20
12:00PM:  Brooklyn Body Burn w/Tracy
7:00PM:  Trooper Fitness w/Prince

Saturday, 2/22
7:00PM:  Reebok Hub w/Gerren