I am still relatively new to this world of fitness and even though I've been waking up at 5AM for the past year, it's STILL NOT EASY... but I LOVE IT!  Most people can go to work, sit down, order breakfast, check emails...but at 6:30AM, it's LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!  I'm up (hoping to) giving you an experience that will transform your mind and body!  There are MANY instructors who do the same everyday that LIVE and BREATHE fitness and are true INSPIRATIONS!  These 3 below keep me from hitting snooze and MOTIVATE me to get better and better everyday! 

1.  GERREN LILES -  MUSCLE MACHINE!  His body is perfection, his classes are packed and he's a quality, motivational instructor!  He's the nicest guy but knows when to turn it on and get to work!  Gerren is so supportive and will take time out of his busy day to reach out and connect with his peers and followers!  His social media posts are the best... videos of his own personal workouts and sweaty pics with his athletes!   

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2.  DYAN TSIUMIS - FIERCE FIREBALL!  Dyan is not only one of my friends and co-workers but she's also someone I look up to and respect for her dedication, passion, and no-nonsense work-ethic!  She teaches around 20 cycling classes a week and every class is A+ quality with a sick playlist mixed with the latest hip-hop hits and occasional throwbacks!  She definitely motivates me to stay fresh with my playlists!  Her educational background in exercise science and countless certifications allow her to safely and effectively cue every exercise to perfection!  Dyan is very relatable and an inspiration to many of her followers!

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3.  JESSE ALEXANDER - JACK'D JESSE!  I've never taken Jesse's class but I'm sure it's fantastic as he was the #1 Most Popular Cycling Instructor in 2012, according to RateYourBurn.   Jesse is so "fly" and inspires me because he's got it ALL!  He has created an AMAZING career, a gorgeous family and still manages to take classes and work on his own personal fitness goals.  When I first met him I was so nervous because I had just started teaching cycling and he is one of the best in the biz!  However, Jesse has been so supportive and has taken time out to help me find the balance he has in his life!  

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