Dear #TranFans,

We've been cycling for our lives for over a year now so it's time we cross-train!  With that said, it's my pleasure to announce that I've joined the A+MAZING team at THE FHITTING ROOM!  If you've loved the challenging tabata drills in cycling class, you'll definitely embrace The Fhitting Room for it's High Intensity Training (HIT) workouts!  You'll burn more calories than ever before and get that sexy body in a safe and small group atmosphere.  Classes max out at 12 people and most have 2 instructors, so book now!  My schedule is below.  #FHITnFHAB

Tuesday, 10/15

5:30PM w/Daury
6:30PM w/Daury (waitlist only)
7:30PM w/Daury (waitlist only)

Wednesday, 10/16

9:30AM w/Eric (waitlist only)
10:30AM w/Ben

Friday, 10/18

9:30AM w/Eric (waitlist only)
10:30AM w/Amanda

Saturday, 10/19

8:00AM w/Eric (waitlist only)
9:00AM w/Eric (waitlist only)