CYCLING SCHEDULE (Week of 2/25/13)

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Monday, 2/25

6:30AM:  NYSC - 34th/2nd
12:30PM:  NYSC - 23rd/8th
7:30PM:  REVOLVE - 13th
8:30PM:  REVOLVE - 13th

Tuesday, 2/26

6:30AM:  SPORTS CLUB/LA - 61st
12:30PM:  NYHRC - 50th
1:30PM:  NYHRC - 50th
6:15PM:  NYSC - 36th/Mad
7:15PM:  NYSC - 36th/Mad

Wednesday, 2/27

7:00AM:  REVOLVE - 13th
   9:45AM:  NYSC - 14th/5th
6:15PM:  NYSC - 73rd/CPW
7:15PM:  NYSC - 73rd/CPW

Thursday, 2/28

6:30AM:  SPORTS CLUB/LA - 61st
12:15PM:  NYHRC - 56th
5:30PM:  REVOLVE - 13th
6:30PM:  REVOLVE - 13th

Friday, 3/1

12:30PM:  NYSC - Grand Central
6:15PM:  NYSC - 23rd/8th
7:15PM:  NYSC - 23rd/8th

Saturday, 3/2

10:00AM:  NYSC - Varick St.
12:45PM:  REVOLVE - 13th
4:00PM:  NYHRC - 21st/Park

Sunday, 3/3

10:00AM:  SPORTS CLUB/LA - 61st
11:30AM:  REVOLVE - 13th
12:30PM:  REVOLVE - 13th