Add 20+ years to your life by adjusting the way you live and treat your body.  Check out my top 5 tips below!


Great friends and family can do more than make your life entertaining and worth living.  Having healthy and fulfilling relationships can add years to your life and be just as important as quitting smoking.  Start greeting neighbors, helping a fellow gym-rat with a spot, making friends at work, and visiting your aunts and uncles.  Friends and family will always have your back - even when you're hunched over!

2.  EAT NUTS:  +2.9 years

Snacking on 2 ounces of nuts 5 times a day may lower your cholesterol and help reduce your risk of heart disease.  The good fat, protein, and antioxidants will help you sustain energy and maintain a healthy weight.

3FLOSS DAILY:  +6.4 years

Take 45 seconds a day and eliminate those disgusting germs from your mouth that you can't reach with your toothbrush.  Not only will you reduce the risk of gum disease, but you will also prevent halitosis.

4LEND A HELPING HAND:  +7.5 years

Use your time wisely.  If you're retired, unemployed or just looking to fill time, volunteer for a cause that you're passionate about!  Selfless acts put a positive spin on life and make the world better.  Click here to find a great place to volunteer.

5.  LOWER YOUR BMI:  +3 years
Exercise daily to maintain a body mass index below 25.  Excess body fat increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and overall poor health.  If you hate the gym, find other ways to sweat - preferably with a partner!  Click on the pic below to check yours!