There are millions of accounts to follow on Twitter from reality stars to pop stars to movie stars and more and more and more.  Do yourself a favor:  shorten your timeline and make sure you're following these top 5 accounts.

#1:  @MensHealthMag 

For the ultimate guide to fitness, health, weight loss, nutrition, and guy wisdom.  Also, a great source for workout plans if you're a gym newbie.

#2:  @GQMagazine

The best source for the style guy.  Stay up on the latest trends in food and travel and what's in and out in the world of fashion. 

#3:  @MichelleObama

Despite the fact that she's the First Lady, you should follow her because at times she actually tweets herself and they're definitely worth reading.   Her tweets are signed - MO.  If it's not signed by her it's written by the Obama campaign staff, which isn't so bad!

#4:  @andersoncooper

America's journalist is a jack of all trades covering hard news on CNN on his show AC360° and hosting his own talk show Anderson Live.  He tweets about everything from Hurricane Sandy to Benghazi to Honey Boo Boo, which keeps the news interesting.  

#5:  @JustJared

Jared Eng is not the typical celebrity gossip blogger.  He's actually a nice guy and keeps his blog and reviews positive and without judgement.  Follow him for all the latest on your favorite stars.  "Your #1 entertainment authority!"