S urge.   Sea water flooded lower Manhattan at record water levels and filled subway lines crippling the MTA public transit system.

Flooded Ground Zero construction site
Flooded subway station at 86th street

A  ftermath.  The super storm created around $20 billion dollars in property damage and up to $30 billion dollars in lost business.  It will take weeks and weeks to repair and clean up the destruction Sandy has caused.

Debris littered a flooded street in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn, NY

Flooded parking lot full of yellow cabs in Hoboken, NJ

Collapsed crane dangles above 57th St. causing evacuations and closed businesses

N ew Yorkers.  Tons of volunteers have been working diligently to help people in need and businesses have been offering goods and services to the millions affected by the storm.  Gyms have even opened their facilities to non-members to allow those without water and power to shower and charge their phones.

Volunteers help dispose of contaminated food at a grocery store in Brooklyn

Gov. Cuomo and the National Guard unload supplies for storm victims in NYC

D arkness.  Around 6 million people in 7 states were without power.  People living in lower Manhattan were forced to travel uptown by foot to find food and electrical outlets.

Lower Manhattan without power

Transformer explosion at Con Edison's 14th street building

Y earning.  Many people are still looking for help and a sense of relief.  Some waited in line to fill their gas tanks in Long Island for over 13 hours and others are still freezing cold in Staten Island with no electricity and no gas.  Despite being without basic necessities, none have suffered like the families who lost loved ones from this epic storm.  The Hurricane Sandy death toll has reached over 100 and rising.

Fuel shortage had people waiting for hours at this Brooklyn gas station
Embracing after seeing the destruction of several homes in Breezy Pt., Queens

If you would like to donate to the HURRICANE SANDY relief efforts, click here or you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief.