While waiting for a meeting to start, I browsed around SAKS FIFTH AVENUE to find a few of the best fall fragrances!  Others were simply discovered by smelling friends and asking what they were wearing!  You can thank me later for doing all the nose work!

1.  BOND No. 9 Chez Bond, $240
*Smells like:  Manly downtown thirty-something who drinks herbal tea without sugar

2.  Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua, $69
*Smells like:  Swimmer who uses tons of Bounce sheets

3.  Tom Ford Noir, $125
*Smells like:  Sophisticated man who cheats on their wife with a rich Asian woman

4.  Paco Rabanne 1 Million, $77
*Smells like:  Urban homeboy who's on the down low

5.  Abercrombie Fierce, $74
*Smells like:  Jock who got caught in the rain after washing clothes with tons of fabric softener