1.  JOIN A GYM!  With heart healthy workouts, you will start to look better instantly!  As you see results, you will feel better about yourself and your confidence will be through the roof! 

*If you're looking to join Equinox or NYHRC, message me and I will hook you up with a great membership advisor! 

2.  FIND A TAILOR!  Whether you're wearing the latest high fashion or inexpensive imitations, finding the right tailor will make you look like a MILLION BUCKS!  If you're holding onto your bootfit Diesel jeans from 2002, take them to your tailor and have them turned into a slimmer fit.  Out with the old, in with the new! 

3.  MOISTURIZE!  Everyone knows that a great face lotion with SPF can do wonders on your skin and will prevent unwanted sun damage.  If you need help finding what works for you, visit a cosmetics counter and ask for samples!  Figure out what works best for you and make moisturizing part of your daily routine!

4.  BRUSH UP & WHITEN!  Maintaining a healthy and bright smile will keep you looking your best for years upon years!  Brushing your teeth 3x a day and flossing not only prevents gum disease and infections, but also helps prevent bad breath and discolored teeth!  Make sure you use soft bristles to avert damaging your gums.  If you can afford professional bleaching, I'm all for it.  If not, Crest 3D WhiteStrips work just as well for around $40 and will keep your pearly whites nice and bright!

5.  GET ENOUGH SLEEP!  Sleep banishes under-eye circles and makes you feel better.  Beyond that, adequate sleep benefits your heart, weight, and mind.  It also improves your memory and sharpens your attention span throughout the day.