Everyone these days has a smart phone and we all download tons of apps and end up not using half of them.  Based on my own experiences, the 5 best apps you can't live without (especially in NYC) are listed below.  These apps will get you through lines quicker, help save time, and help organize your life! 

1.  Starbucks
Best feature:  Scan to pay/reload and find locations.

2.  SYN
Best feature:  Links your social media contacts so that you have phone numbers/emails/birthdays of all your 'friends' in one list.

3.  LevelUp
Best feature:  Scan to pay with a linked credit card and get discounts on your first purchase.  Refer a friend and you both get $5.  Use my code to sign up:  80116

4.  ABCEats
Best feature:  Find health inspection results for any restaurant in New York City.

5.  Gilt
Best feature:  Purchase restaurant deals, clothes, gifts, home goods, and hotels at discount prices.