According to Men's Health Magazine, your drink order says a lot about your personality. 

Where do you fit in?  I'm a VODKA drinker.

Domestic Light Beer (Bud Light, Miller Light)
You’re impulsive and quick to take risks. You’re respectful of authority, accepting of most people, and generally easy to get along with. You’re also 34 percent less likely than the average man to buy organic. “I think guys order light beer because it’s a comfortable order for them,” says Rich Colli, bartender at Varga Bar in Philadelphia. Beth Stevens, who bartends at Pilot Pete’s in Chicago, calls light beer the “simple man’s drink.”

Domestic Full-Flavor Beer (Budweiser, Coors Original)
You’re sensible, grounded, and practical. You’re generally middle-of-the-road in your politics, and quick to challenge authority. You’re also 42 percent more likely than the average man to own a truck. “It’s the cheapest option, and often has the least amount of alcohol, so these guys are trying to pace themselves, booze-wise and financially,” says Jaclyn Clever, a bartender at the Grand Traverse Yacht Club in Traverse City, Michigan

Craft Beer/Imports (Sierra Nevada, Blue Moon, Heineken)
You’re more likely to be politically left leaning, outgoing, and extroverted. You’re intellectually curious and open-minded, and you’re interested in new and varied experiences. You’re 36 percent more likely to enjoy the show The Office, according to a Mindset survey of 2,600 drinkers.

You’re mature and discerning, and you’re likely an organized professional. You tend to be unadventurous and less likely to take risks. Chances are good you’ve graduated from college. “When a guy orders wine, it makes me think he’s comfortable with himself, and maybe a little more confident than the average guy,” Colli says.

You want to project an image of masculinity and authority. You’re also discerning. Blended whiskey drinkers are more likely to be age 21 to 46, while single-malt drinkers are more likely to be age 50 or older. Colli says it’s more about how you order your whiskey than the type you order. “If you order it on the rocks, neat, or with soda, then you’re telling me you genuinely enjoy that liquor because you’re not trying to mask its taste,” he says.

You enjoy being in charge. You care about fashion and appearance, and you’re both opinionated and independent. “It seems upscale and appealing if you order it on the rocks or in a martini,” Stevens says. Both she and Clever say they think men who order vodka with soda are probably trying to lose weight.

You have a realistic outlook on life, and you appreciate comfort and security. You’re interested in relationships, and your focus is on family and home life. “This seems like a sophisticated middle-aged man’s drink,” Clever says. “I don’t know many young guys that drink gin, but I’m impressed by the ones who do.”

You’re experimental and creative, and quick to abandon one pursuit in favor of another. You’re more likely than the average man to enjoy jazz and art. You may be slightly eccentric, and you’re often impulsive. “Bacardi and Captain Morgan are for ladies’ drinks,” Stevens says. “Dudes should never order them, especially not with Coke.” Clever says respectable rum drinkers are particular, and order brands like Mount Gay, Myers’s, or Gosling’s. And there’s nothing wrong with a rum cocktail—if it’s done right.

You’re a free spirit, and you’re unconcerned with achievement in either the short or the long term. You’re outgoing, talkative, and fun to be around. “There’s nothing wrong with a shot of a good tequila like Patron,” Colli says. “But if a guy orders a tequila sunrise, that tells me I need to card him again, because maybe I was wrong and he isn’t 21.” Clever adds, “Guys who drink straight tequila are awesome and want to party.”