It's probably not possible to avoid acne all together, but there are definitely ways to prevent it besides a strict skincare regime.  Check out two tips that are simple and effective! 

1.  According to the 2011 film 'Contagion' starring every major actor in the world, the average person touches their face 2,000 - 3,000 times a day!  Sounds impossible, but there are over 86,000 seconds in a day so that's once every 30+ seconds.  Just take notice and you will be shocked how ofter you do it!  Keep your hands clean to avoid spreading unnecessary oils and germs to your face.   

2.  Wash your pillowcases and sheets often!!!  Oils from your hair soak into pillowcases and create a nasty surface for our faces while we're sleeping.  If you change them often (every 3-4 days) it will make a big difference!