1.  "GIRLS GONE WILD" by MADONNA...  I just purchased MDNA and it has so much energy!  GGW is one of the best tracks!   It makes me lift at least 10 extra pounds at the gym.

 2.  $640 MILLION DOLLAR JACKPOTS!!  Go buy a MEGA MILLIONS ticket!!  What would you do with all that MONEY??  Would you tell people you won or keep it to yourself?? 

3.  JESSICA SANCHEZ AND JOSHUA LEDET    Not often am impressed with American Idol contestants, but this year I'm on the edge of my seat when these two sing!   Jessica embodies JHud and Joshua embodies Fantasia!  It's like Season 3 all over again!  I love Wednesdays!

4.  FASHION STAR on NBC (Tue, 10pm)!!  You can actually purchase the winning looks the very next day!  I actually purchased Nzimiro's Red-Striped European cut shorts (7" inseam) from H&M this past Wednesday for $25! 

5.  SUMMER'S COMING!  I hope you've all been doing your planks!   If not, start now and throw in a few squats!  You don't want to be the only one in a tank top at the pool!