HoMedics® Sports Recovery Massagers

Ah, muscles. Whether you want yours lean and sinewy or big and bulky, muscle manipulation and care is essential to a healthy body. But exercise alone is not enough for proper muscle maintenance. That’s why I love the incredible HoMedics® Sports Recovery Massagers for muscle rejuvenation and thrilled when asked to participate in the #NotGonnaStop campaign, sponsored by HoMedics®. While I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

It seems everyone today is always busy and wants to be in great shape. It’s hard to find time to do it all. When you work all day, it can take every ounce of energy just to get to the gym and the last thing you want to do is stay longer to focus on bouncing back after a grueling workout. Trust me, I know - not only do I teach fitness classes all day long, but I’m constantly walking through the streets of New York, so at the end of the day I. AM. TIRED. So are my muscles. And while professional massages are great (who doesn’t love them?!), not everyone has the time (or money) to run out to the spa and get one. That’s the fantastic thing about the HoMedics® Sports Recovery Massagers. Not only do they truly work to rejuvenate tired muscles, but they are also so convenient. They’re perfect to keep at home for the boost your muscles need, but they’re also compact enough to carry around with you.  The HoMedics® GladiatorTM Vibration Foam Roller even has a built-in compartment for your keys, money, and other small items! And, every product in the Homedics® Sports Recovery Massagers line includes vibration to help achieve total muscle comfort.

I’ll tell you why these work so great for me, and how they can work wonders for you too, because when it comes to muscle health, I’m #NotGonnaStop, and neither should you.

Photo:  John Smith

Photo:  John Smith

The HoMedics® GladiatorTM Vibration Foam Roller — This is not your average foam roller. With multiple foam textures and battery operated vibration, this product gives my muscles exactly what they need after exercising. I love to use it at home on my legs after a full day of teaching at SWERVE or throw my keys and credit card in the secret compartment and bring it with me to gym to use after leg day. The three vibration massage intensities are key, offering customization to fit what my body needs that day.

Photo:  John Smith

The HoMedics® MercuryTM Percussion Massager with Heat —  On Tuesday night after teaching six classes, this is my go-to for muscle relaxation. The powerful percussion action combined with heat and variable intensity is the perfect combo for soothing aching muscles after a tough class or training session. The three attachments (pressure point, heat, and contour) targeting different areas are the final component in creating the perfect massage.

Photo:  John Smith

The HoMedics® VertexTM Vibration Stick Roller — Some days it just feels like certain muscles (like my quads) are more overworked than others. Here, the mix of six independent spinning rollers for stretching and loosening, in conjunction with trigger point ends with targeted pressure massage for releasing tightness is the ideal solution for my worn-out muscles.

Photo:  John Smith

All the products I’ve mentioned as well as amazing others are available from Homedics.com® and also sold at Target.com and Rite-Aid (in-store only). Check them out and your body will thank you. We New Yorkers never stop because life never stops. HoMedics® knows you’re #NotGonnaStop either, so let their Sports Recovery Massagers take care of your muscles for you. It’s one less thing to worry about so you can tackle everything else with 100%.

#MYO30 with EAS™ at Walgreens

#MYO30 with EAS™ at Walgreens

I was asked to participate in the #MYO30 #EASPartner campaign, sponsored by EAS™ Sports Nutrition at Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

Jason Tran, making a shake with EAS 100% Whey Protein Chocolate powder.

Want better results from your gym workout? Adding more protein into your workout regimen may be able to help with that! I’ve been incorporating more protein into my fitness routine through the EAS™ Myoplex shake and the EAS™ 100% Whey powders available at Walgreens. These products are designed to help you build lean muscle, improve strength and performance, and have a quicker recovery.  And just for a little more inspiration, go watch this video of Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Wide Receiver and career-long EAS athlete.

Jason Tran, doing dumbbell chest presses for time (goal:  30+ reps in 60 seconds).

After trying the EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder I found that it gave me more fuel and greater results from my workouts.  As my #TranFans know, I need as much energy as possible to get through not only teaching, but actually doing my own intense workouts.  With back to back classes, my energy and stamina has to consistently be on point.  Since I’m a pescetarian, I found supplementing my diet with EAS whey protein gave me bigger gains and greater muscle strength. I liked the container of the powder because it’s sleek and stylish and easily storable.

EAS™ Myoplex Original Ready to Drink Chocolate Fudge is sold at Walgreens in a convenient 4-pack. It’s perfect to just grab and go, or on your way to the gym you can just stop at Walgreens and pick it up.  It's a huge help when I'm running from studio to studio to get to class on time.  Here’s a little secret: it’ll be on sale for only $10.99 until September 24 (it’s usually $14.99).

EAS™ 100% Whey Protein Powder in Chocolate or Vanilla is also sold at Walgreens in a 2-pound container. It’s made of only the highest quality whey protein, which again, helps you to recover faster from workouts and help you build lean muscle faster. My favorite flavor is chocolate because it actually tastes like I’m having dessert. You can also use this product as a meal replacement…with the taste of a cheat meal that’s for sure! This one will also be on sale for only $19.99 thru September 24 (usually $25.99).

I've always been a fitness enthusiast, but in 2012, I actually left my corporate job and set out to pursue my fitness dream - all thanks to inspirational indoor-cycling classes I was taking.  Now I'm the instructor!   In between classes, I like to incorporate this fifteen minute, super quick, super effective workout to my own fitness routines to keep my heart rate up and get a quick pump.

3 Rounds, 1 minute each, with minimal rest in between.

  • Bent Over Row (30 sec each arm)
  • Dumbbell chest press
  • Reverse Lunges with a Twist (alternate legs)
  • Seated Bicep Curls (30 sec each arm)

Jason Tran, doing a bent over row (30 seconds each arm).  

Jason Tran, doing reverse lunges while holding a plate and adding a twist (alternate legs).

Jason Tran, in a seated position perform 30 seconds of bicep curls with each arm.

Need some motivation or just want some pro tips?  Sign-up for the Free Myoplex 30 Day Challenge and you’ll get tips sent to your inbox from Myoplex athletes #MYO30. You get to choose the Athletes Edge program to help increase your agility and lean muscle. Or you can choose the Physique Focus program to help build muscle and tone your body. Just enter your name, email and gender and you’ll be on your way to looking and feeling your best!